World language survey

Japanese instructor Magara Maeda, center, helps international studies major Christian Lemaster, left, create Japanese calligraphy during class

Share your world language impact story with UW

Did you study a language and/or travel overseas during college? Did it help you with skills such as flexibility, problem solving, communication in the workplace or your community, social cross-cultural awareness, other skills?

The UW System Collaborative Language Program invites you to participate in a Professional Profiles project by completing a survey.

The UW System Collaborative Language Program is working to establish a cross-disciplinary and statewide marketing project based, in part, on alumni stories that promote the gains in learning a world language to students, parents, instructors, advisors, administrators and other stakeholders.

The program would like to connect with more UW alumni who have studied a world language (they do not have to hold a degree in languages) who are working outside of academia.

View current profiles.