What to do during COVID-19?

Poellinger’s paper collage, which she worked on to stay busy during the Safer-at-Home order.

UWL Alumni Association Board members offer Safer-at-Home remedies

Tim Behling, ’88

Director, Store Programs and Initiatives –Northeast Division, Charter Communications

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

What are you reading? A non-fiction regional Wisconsin story called “Eecelia – The Trials of an Amazing Ojibwe Woman 1834-1892.” It takes place in northwest Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota and is about her economic and social struggles as a Native American woman.

Favorite binge-watch, podcast or audiobook? When I am not working, I am catching up on “The Curse of Oak Island” on the History Channel. Also, watching “Breaking Bad.”

New hobby or dusted off an old one? Using my downtime to work on house projects. I enjoy repair and remodels, and I have plenty to do.

Cooking or baking? I baked a double fudge cheesecake with crushed Oreo pie crust. No picture because I ate it!

Thoughts or advice? Remain positive and flexible. Out of challenges come new opportunities.

Anything else? Thank you to all essential employees who are working to keep us safe, fed, working, etc.


Poellinger’s apple pie, which she made for Easter.

Leanne Poellinger, ’86

Marketing & Development Director, Children’s Museum of La Crosse

La Crosse, Wisconsin

What are you reading? Inspired by my recent nine-week work-study program at the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, I am working hard to build an online presence for my art. So I’m reading books and websites, listening to podcasts, and watching webinars about art business and marketing (I’ve learned that I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get more active on Instagram.) I purchased a URL (www.artbyleannep.com), and I’m struggling with WordPress and Shopify to build a website. I’ve also been trying to keep up with what other children’s museums and nonprofit organizations are doing to keep connected to customers and deal with the extended loss of revenue. Although the museum is closed, our management team is working from home.

Current favorite binge-watch, podcast or audiobook? Other than art stuff, I have caught up on some TV shows like “Modern Family,” “This Is Us” and “A Million Little Things.” I binged “Grace & Frankie” and “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” before the pandemic hit. I always work on something else while I’m watching so I can’t get into any shows that are too deep or heavy.

New hobby or dusted off an old one? I’ve done a little artwork, but I’m spending more time on the business end of my emerging art “career,” which isn’t nearly as much fun as the actual art-making. I’m also helping get a new, construction-related business started, so I’ve been doing some product research and development for this. I’m too busy on the computer to spend much time on hobbies.

Cooking or baking? I made an apple pie for Easter with phyllo dough instead of a traditional crust. I sliced the apples really thin and made a caramel-like filling. It was good!

Games or activities with family or friends remotely? I’ve played a lot of card games with my adult sons.

Thoughts or advice during this time? Nothing new. Hang in there.


Koblitz’s homemade Easter cookies.

Lori Koblitz, ’91

Manger, RSM US LLP

La Crosse, Wisconsin

What are you reading? All I have been reading lately is purely professional. I am a CPA and the amount of materials related to COVID-19 and the CARES Act and various lending programs is overwhelming.

Favorite binge-watch, podcast or audiobook? My one guilty pleasure is “The Young & The Restless.” I have it set to record every day and then I binge-watch occasionally. It is such silly, harmless entertainment.

New hobby or dusted off an old one? Unfortunately, I have no time for hobbies right now. Professionally, it is our busy season, so that is all I have been focused on.

Cooking or baking? One of my daughters and I made Easter cookies. (see image)

Games or activities with family or friends remotely? My daughter and I have been playing a lot of double solitaire.


Drew Kluge, ’12

Mayo Clinic Health System

Rochester, Minnesota

What are you reading? The many comic book books that have been piling up. (“Deadpool,” “Rising Stars” and “Turok,” to name a few.)

Favorite binge-watch, podcast or audiobook? “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.”

New hobby or dusted off an old one? Making medieval chainmail.

Cooking or baking? Three B’s of a balanced meal: bratwurst, baked beans and brussels sprouts.

Games or activities with your family or friends remotely? Netflix party on Chrome, which lets us all watch the same movie at the same time.

Thoughts or advice to help during this time? Make a schedule for yourself. Even if it is as simple as watching a show, reading for 30 minutes to an hour, doing a chore, and then repeating. Having structure helps me.

Anything else? My thoughts to everyone out there during this difficult time. Keep strong!


Grant Brekke, ’79

Owner, Brekke Sales Company

Minnetonka, Minnesota

What are you reading (professional or personal)? “The Big Fella,” about Babe Ruth.

Favorite binge-watch, podcast or audiobook? On Netflix: “Ozark,” “Dead to Me,” “Longmire” and “Virgin River.”

New hobby or dusted off an old one? Back in the wood shop turning bowls.

Games or activities with family or friends remotely? Zooming Friday night cocktail hour with family.

Thoughts or advice? Take a big breath and relax. Leave the politics out of this!!!