UWL’s new students: Take the quiz

UWL welcomes its largest incoming class since 1979 — we quiz you on their names, their ACT scores … and more

At a time when many state universities are seeing declining enrollment, UWL’s numbers remain strong. UWL’s overall enrollment hit a record this year with 10,569 students — exceeding the previous record of 10,558 in fall 2014.

UWL was also proud to welcome the largest group of incoming, first-year students to campus since 1979. To find out that number, take the quiz below.

UWL Director of Admissions Corey Sjoquist says the Admissions Office was busy over the summer with 2,320 visits from prospective students. “It’s exciting to have that many summer visitors considering UWL for 2019 and beyond,” he notes.

Admissions shared statistics about the fall 2018 bunch of first-year students who primarily hail from Wisconsin, but also join us from all around the world.

What do you know about UWL’s incoming class?

1. UWL has the largest group of incoming, first-year students since 1979. How big is the group?

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Answer: B. 2,166

2.The following names are all popular among UWL’s first-year students EXCEPT:

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Answer: D. Susanne and Roger

3. What is the average ACT score of UWL’s admitted students? Note: The best possible ACT score is 36.

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Answer: C. 25

4. UWL always welcomes twins to campus. How many sets of twins are in the fall 2018 class?

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Answer: C. 13

5. How many prospective student and family visitors came to UWL during the 2017-18 year?

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Answer: D. More than 17,000 came. Know a prospective student? Schedule your visit at www.uwlax.edu/admissions

6.Most first-year students come from which high school?

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Answer: A. Hartland Arrowhead High School – in Hartland, Wisconsin

What do you know about UWL’s incoming class?

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