How UW-L alums support students

Liz Rosendale

UW-L student Liz Rosendale

UW-La Crosse student Liz Rosendale pays her college tuition once a semester online. Simultaneously she pulls up her college bill and her bank account balance. She holds her breath and clicks the button.

Her income from countless hours working in apparel at Shopko disappear into cyberspace.

But this year that college bill has been “a lot less scary and intimidating,” she says. Both fall and spring semester it has been $500 less thanks to a Legacy Scholarship Rosendale received at the UW-L Alumni Association in spring 2010. Alumni Association membership offers many benefits and services, but it also helps the organization support several students each year through scholarships.

The Alumni Association will offer three, $1,000 Legacy Scholarships during the 2011-2012 academic year. The association recently added the third scholarship, specifically for incoming freshman.

Scholarships from the Alumni Association help students like Rosendale make ends meet while balancing school, work and life. In Rosendale’s case it frees up time so she can work fewer hours at Shopko and participate more in campus life.

“It’s a lot less stressful to have $500 less hanging over your head, so you can pay more attention to school activities,” she said.

She plays crash cymbals in the Screaming Eagles Marching Band, takes students and parents on tours of campus as an official campus Vanguard and participates in Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honor society.

“College is not only about gaining information, but providing you experiences to learn from, and those experiences generally come from being more involved,” she said.

The Alumni Association’s Legacy Scholarships also help keep the UW-L tradition alive by supporting students who are the children or grandchildren of UW-L alums.

“Maintaining that tradition and legacy on campus really benefits the entire university community,” said Janie Spencer, executive director of the alumni association. “If we encourage students of our alums to come, the La Crosse experience continues.”

The 2011 Alumni Legacy Scholarship recipients are:

Incoming freshman: Emma Brosinski
Undergraduate student: Rose Anna Brooks
Graduate student: Emily Gorski