Staff and faculty retirements for 2019-20

Aliesch, Florence
Director Of Creative Services, University Advancement
retired 04/3/20

Bain, Vickie J
Univ Svc Prg Assoc, University Advancement
retired 06/5/20

Barillas, William D
Assistant Professor, English
retired 01/9/20

Biesanz, Frances L
Sr Counselor, Outreach Coord Counseling & Testing Center
retired 01/2/20

Braun, Mindy R
Financial Specialist Sr (Ar), Business Services
retired 01/17/20

Brokaw, Stephen C
Professor, Marketing
retired 06/30/20

Brye, Curtis M
Lecturer, Finance
retired 01/9/20

Buffton, Deborah D
Professor, History
retired 06/15/20

Cerbin, William J
Professor, Academic Affairs & Director Of CATL, Center For Adv Teach And Learn
retired 08/1/19

Collison, Laurie M
Academic Dept Assoc, Communication Studies
retired 07/5/19

Cravins, Georges G
Professor, Geography And Earth Science
retired 06/1/20

Deboer, Betty V
Professor, Psychology
retired 05/24/20

Doering, William T
Dis Acad Librarian, Murphy Library
retired 02/4/20

Elgin, Joel L
Professor, Art
retired 12/31/19

Elgin, Katherine E
Sr Student Serv Coord, Dean’s Office – Cassh
retired 01/31/20

Emerson, Nate Damian
Advisor, Student Support Services
retired 05/24/20

Gerke, Debra Kay
Academic Dept Assoc, Geography And Earth Science
retired 04/1/20

Gitter, Susan C
Assoc Lecturer, Mathematics And Statistics
retired 01/9/20

Guthrie, Mark R
External Relations Coordinator, Athletics
retired 05/29/20

Handtke, Bruce R
Senior Lecturer, English
retired 05/31/20

Hogan, Lalita
Professor, English
retired 05/31/20

Hoskins, Deborah J
Associate Professor, Women Gender Sexuality Studies
retired 05/24/20

Jessen, Kenneth John
Is Net Serv Senior, Information Technology Svcs
retired 07/15/19

Kabliska, Deanna M
Benefits & Wellness Specialist,Human Resources
retired 12/12/19

Kelly, Terence
Associate Professor, Music
retired 05/24/20

Khandker, Abdul W
Professor, Economics
retired 05/24/20

Knudson, Susan C
Asst Registrar/M, Records & Registration
retired 08/5/19

Koehler, Susanne C
Is Resourc Sup Tech I, UWL Extended Learning
retired 02/3/20

Malherek, Michael R
Custodian Lead, Recreational Eagle Center
retired 07/6/19

Mccormick, Gail L
Lecturer, Health Ed & Health Promotion
retired 06/5/20

Mccullough, Scott S
Chief Of Police, University Police Services
retired 07/2/19

Nelson, Maureen E
Univ Services Assoc 2, Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec
retired 05/29/20

Nuttelman, John R
Custodian, Custodial Service
retired 04/1/20

Peplinski, Marcee H
Develop Specialist, MVAC Development
retired 10/3/19

Peterson, Ingrid L
Violence Prevention Specialist, GQA Violence Prevention
retired 06/12/20

Pieper, John
Fac Repair Worker-Adv, Facilities Planning & Mgmt
retired 09/5/19

Pillai, Thankappan A
Professor, Physics
retired 06/1/20

Richeson, Nancy E
Associate Professor, Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec
retired 01/9/20

Ryder, Claus E
Custodian, Custodial Service
retired 01/9/20

Scott, Joseph J
Sr Develop Specialist, University Advancement
retired 05/29/20

Simpson, Tracey L
Classification/Recruitment Mgr, Human Resources
retired 04/16/20

Sonnenburg, Scott W
Hvac/Refrig Spec, Facilities Planning & Mgmt
retired 07/5/19

Temple, Joan E
Clinical Asst Prof, Health Professions – Ot
retired 09/3/19

Thorman, Michele A
Clinical Professor, Health Professions – Pt
retired 09/3/19

Tiedt, Penny L
Director Of Extended Learning, UWL Extended Learning
retired 01/21/20

Urbanek, Theresa M
Bus Consultant & Outreach Spec, Small Business Development Ctr
retired 12/30/19

Van Domelen, Karmin Rae
Univ Svc Prg Assoc, Diversity & Inclusion
retired 02/3/20

Vogt, Kimberly A
Cls – Dean (Interim), Dean’s Office – CASSH
retired 07/1/19

White, Susan J
Director Of Recreational Sports, Rec Sports
retired 06/5/20

Zink, Lyndon R
Lecturer, Physics
retired 06/1/20

Znidarsich, Teresa M
Univ Services Assoc 2, Psychology
retired 09/12/19