Enthusiasm + devotion = teaching award

Associate Professor of Mathematics Jennifer Kosiak has poems to compare and contrast rectangles and rhombi. She has been known to sing in class: “You got to fight for your right to use synthetic division.” Her enthusiasm in the classroom has landed her a UW System award.

Program makes doctoral dreams a reality

UW-L graduate Elizabeth Lee had a dream of earning her doctoral degree. But her parents had little formal schooling and she had no one to turn to for guidance. With help from the McNair Scholars Program on campus, Lee is now going to graduate school along with all other May graduates in the program.

Students live out the UW-L legacy

When you ask Emma Brosinski, of Genoa, how many people in her family attended UW-L, the list includes a couple of generations. Her mother, her two grandmothers and her two grandfathers all attended. So, in a way, Brosinski was carrying…

College helped this grad tune into his dreams

As an incoming UW-La Crosse freshman, Sean Mobley was 100 percent certain he wanted to one day design rollercoasters for Walt Disney World. He liked riding rollercoasters and he loved playing the ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’ video game. It made perfect sense.…

Thank you alumni board

A combined 51-years of experience is leaving the UW-L Alumni Board. Five members each completed nine-year terms and two served three-year terms. “It’s fabulous to see these people so committed to the board,” says Janie Spencer, director of the UW-L…