Learning the language of dance

In college Tim Blumentritt learned you don’t need language to relate to others. Dance is a beautiful means to achieve the same end. The UW-La Crosse alum has connected to others by learning or teaching dance throughout his life.
“I learned from a great UW-L instructor,” he said. “Now I’m able to pass that heritage on to other people.” Blumentritt learned American dances from former UW-L instructor Kathy DuBois in the late 1980s after joining a folk dance group on campus, L-Bar-X Dancers, which entertained in the La Crosse community and overseas.

How UW-L alums support students

UW-La Crosse student Liz Rosendale pays her college tuition once a semester online. Simultaneously she pulls up her college bill and her bank account balance. She holds her breath and clicks the button. Her income from countless hours working in…

Scholarship keeps his father’s memory alive

NevaDayl and Walter Winfrey vowed to finish college in the early 1950s while raising their two children. Luckily, NevaDayl’s parents chipped in $5 per week so they could hire a babysitter. Today the Winfrey family is paying it forward.

Alums meet in Chicago

About 40 alumni, faculty and staff reconnected during the 2011 UW-L College of Business Administration and the UW-L Alumni Association Chicago area event on March 24.

UW-L alumna to be honored

La Crosse resident and UW-La Crosse graduate Darryle Clott will join Legendary Entertainer Jerry Lewis and others in receiving Ellis Island Medals of Honor.

Enjoy sunsets, Chicago Cubs with fellow alums

This July UW-La Crosse alums will be boarding a sunset cruise on the Milwaukee River and cheering on the Chicago Cubs at a social outing. Join alums in the Milwaukee and Chicago area for these events. Check out others scheduled through October by visiting the Calendar of Events.