Forest restoration research

Meredith Thomsen trudges ahead, her mud boots sinking into black sludge. On a trail east of Goose Island, the UW-La Crosse biology professor can’t help but point to something new every few feet: a tree seedling’s red leaves, an over-sized…

Alum leads team to World Cup victory on wheels

Chris Finn, a ’96 UW-La Crosse grad, thought his childhood dreams of playing soccer were smashed in 1992 when he fell in a pizza restaurant in La Crosse, causing paralysis. But Finn discovered a new way to play — and win. “Sometimes life takes us down a different path, but ultimately we achieve what we set out to do — only in a way we didn’t think of before,” he explains.

UW-L alum cuts CD

A decade-long summer jazz workshop led by a UW-La Crosse faculty member and two other university musicians has reached a crescendo of a CD. Long-time Coulee Region jazz bassist Karyn Quinn teamed up with Kansas City Pianist Wayne Hawkins and Portland Drummer Todd Strait to record “Great Days.”

Alum builds close-knit business

It was an accident that led Danica Leigl, ’06, to start an international, online hat company. The first hat she ever knit was made with bright pink yarn and had a gaping hole in the middle. She laughed at the goofy mistake, pulling her brown curls through the cap. Today Leigl sells her ponytail hats to people around the world.

Alum makes Men’s Golf All-Time Team

Playing a good round of golf is about perseverance, paying attention and — engaging the heart, says UW-La Crosse Alumnus Don Iverson. Iverson did and he saw results. He was recognized in November as one of the all-time best golfers in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference’s 100-year history.