The big cheese

Image of Brian Gutekunst on the field.UWL alum Brian Gutekunst has been named the general manager of the Green Bay Packers.

Sport management alumnus leads front office at Green Bay Packers

A UWL alumnus is the new leader of the Pack.

Brian Gutekunst, ’16, was hired as the new general manager of the Green Bay Packers football team Jan. 7.

Gutekunst, who recently finished his degree after starting at UWL in the mid-1990’s, has been with the Packers since 1997. He’s held a variety of roles, mostly involved with college scouting. “It does not surprise me at all that he has been successful in personnel development in the NFL,” says Mark Gibson, Exercise Sport Science assistant professor.

Now Gutekunst will be responsible for personnel decisions for the perennial championship team.

Gibson knew Gutekunst at UWL as a student, student athlete and student coach — including on the undefeated 1995 national championship football team.

Gibson remembers Gutekunst for his interpersonal skills. “He was a real people person,” he says. “He had an outgoing, respecting and gregarious personality.”

Sport management

Gutekunst’s degree is in sport management. The program at UWL prepares students for a variety of sport-related careers within professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, community sports, corporate sports organizations, non-for-profit organizations and the fitness industry.

It’s helped launch several other alumni to front office roles in the NFL, NBA and other organizations.