Scholarship Campaign Annual Summary

The momentum continues to grow for the Share the La Crosse Experience Scholarship Campaign. This fundraising initiative just completed its second year of activities on its way toward a goal of at least $15 million over seven years. The total so far:

Gifts & Pledges: $4,526,976

A special thanks from the entire university community goes out to all donors that have supported the scholarship needs of our students! Many have set up pass-through scholarships, which are funded on an annual basis. They will be listed in a future edition of the Lantern. New endowment/quasi-endowment funds (*additions to existing funds) created to date include:

  • College of Business Administration
  • Ronald Stratton Scholarship
  • Robert & Laurel Allen Leadership Award
  • James Prudhome Scholarship
  • Gordon & Barbara Gade CBA Scholarship
  • Elizabeth From Scholarship
  • Robert Hetzel Scholarship
  • Russ & Gail Cleary Scholarship*

College of Liberal Studies

  • John & Ardus Cleveland Scholarship
  • The Archaeology Scholarship
  • Ruth Nixon Davy Scholarship*
  • Max Winter Memorial Scholarship in Art*

College of Science & Health

  • Drs. Michael & Timothy Mader Pre-Med Scholarship
  • Rubert Uber Scholarship in Physics
  • James & Marcia Wine Mathematics Scholarship
  • David Bange & Linda Host Scholarship
  • Carol Dobrunz Women in Leadership Scholarship
  • Kimberly D. Graham Extraordinary Scholarship
  • Daron J. Williams, M.D. Memorial Scholarship
  • Lawrence A. Nutter Chemistry Scholarship

School of Education

  • Thomas & Lois Wirkus Scholarship for Secondary Education
  • John Bolstad Scholarship
  • Lee & Arly Kempf Scholarship
  • Werner-Engsberg Scholarship for Elementary Education
  • Joseph Rusche Family Scholarship
  • Penny Meyers Scholarship
  • Linda & Thomas Templin Scholarship
  • Laurel & Robert Allen Memorial Scholarship

Need-based & Merit-based

  • Brian & Lori Hesprich Scholarship
  • Anita Evans/Larry Lebiecki Scholarship
  • Reichert/Lawless Scholarship
  • Mark David Peacock Scholarship
  • Betty Rogstad Scholarship
  • Brian & Barbara Benson Scholarship
  • Ron & Jane Rada Distinguished Alumnus Scholarship*

Other Scholarships

  • Max Winter Memorial Scholarship in International Education*
  • Marc Gall Award for Leadership
  • Macgillivray Scholarship in International Education
  • Thorman Family ‘Pay It Forward’ Scholarship*
  • Mary Lou Thornburg Scholarship
  • AB Culver Scholarship*
  • Claire Morse Scholarship
  • Robert & Betty Allen Memorial Scholarship
  • Joe & Pat Heim International Scholarship*
  • Hong Xiang Rost International Scholarship

To learn how you can contribute to the campaign visit: