Autumn on campus

View of the area from Miller Bluff.

UWL graduate students Matt Besh and Shanna Badje take in the view of La Crosse from Miller Bluff.

Maple trees frame students on their way to class.

A view from the west side of the Science Labs building project. The building is expected to be completed for the fall 2018 semester.

UWL students Gretchen Kent, left, and Caitlin Reis study on Drake Field with Murphy Library and Grandad Bluff in the background.

A view from the Rueter Hall stairway overlooking the newly installed soccer field on Veterans Memorial Sports Complex.

UWL student Joe Rudisill, Jr., skates by a newly installed sign on La Crosse Street.

A close up of Grandad Bluff.

A worker lays bricks on the Science Labs building project.

A maple tree in front of Veterans Memorial Stadium.

The UWL women’s soccer team practices on its new field.

UWL students socialize near Whitney Center.

A student walks by the Cleary Alumni & Friends Center.

Students study outside of Murphy Library with Centennial Hall in the background.

UWL students enjoy warm, fall weather and snacks while studying outside.

A UWL student removes buckthorn, an invasive species growing on Miller Bluff, for the Mississippi Valley Conservancy.

A geography field methods class surveys the flood basin of Mormon Coulee Creek at Mormon Coulee Park.

UWL students Jorie Collins left, and Julia Meilke walk to class near Morris Hall.