Celebrating spring commencement

UWL faculty line up at the start of the 2017 Spring Commencement Ceremonies.

A student waves to friends and family in the crowd at the La Crosse Center.

UWL Music Professor Gary Walth, greets a student during the procession. Walth is retiring the spring after 24 years as director of choral music studies.

A student catches sight of family and friends in the stands of the La Crosse Center.

Chancellor Joe Gow presents his opening remarks.

Graduates display personal messages on their graduation caps.

A capacity crowd filled the La Crosse Center at UWL’s Spring Commencement.

Chancellor Joe Gow hands out diplomas at UWL’s Spring Commencement.

Greg Reichert, Vice Chancellor of University Advancement and President of the UWL Foundation, reads the story of the “Hanging of the Lantern” to the new UWL alumni.

Yeng Vang poses with family after the commencement ceremonies.

UWL graduates pose for a photo in Riverside Park.

The Mississippi River creates a backdrop for many families and graduates.

The Eagle “L” is adorned on a mortarboard in Riverside Park.

UWL graduates toss their mortarboards in the air to celebrate their graduation.

A fountain near Riverside Park creates a backdrop for photos.