Campus close-up quiz

Can you identify these 12, up-close images?

With help from UWL student photographer Michele Friesema, we’ve dug up some super close images from campus and the surrounding area. Can you identify what these 12 things are?

What bluff is this?

Grandad Bluff

What campus landmark is this?

UWL Mini Bluff

The Eagle L is on which athletic field?

UWL Soccer Field

1939 is on the top of this building.

Morris Hall

Where is this campus eagle located?


Where is this person exercising?

Rec 2.0

What building is this?

Student Union

Who is this?

Stryker Eagle

What building is this?

Graff Main Hall

This student is walking near what?

UWL Football Complex

Where is this person shoveling snow?

Snow on UWL Track

What building is this?

Prairie Springs Science Center

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